show cats

Grand Champion Zirdeli Moonshadow

Best Turkish Angora in Championship
at the 2008 CFA International Show

Zirdeli Barracooda of Gillies

Our sincere thanks to Doreann Nasin for co-owning "Cooda" with us!


Grand Champion Regional Winner
Gillies Maui Maui of Zirdeli

CFA North Atlantic Region's 10th Best Kitten
CFA's Best Turkish Angora Kitten for the 2007-2008 show season
Bred by Doreann Nasin of Gillies Cattery,
we are honored to co-own Maui, and we thoroughly enjoy our time
with Maui in the show halls and in our home!

Grand Champion
Silverlock's Portia of Zirdeli

- CFA 2006-2007 2nd Best Turkish Angora -
- CFA 2006-2007 Best Parti-color
Turkish Angora -
- CFA Southern Region's 2006-2007
Best Turkish Angora -

We knew in our hearts that our special Zirdeli girl has what it takes!
A very sincere thank you to Portia's breeder, Iris Tanner, of Silverlock cattery,
and everyone who supported Portia and her "people"!


Meet Zirdeli Cattery's very first show cat
Grand Premier
Zarif's Farewell to Folly

- CFA 2004-2005 4th Best Turkish Angora in Premiership -
- CFA Southern Region's 2004-2005
Best Turkish Angora in Premiership -