- CFA clubs -

Turkish Angora Fanciers International - TAFI was created for the admirer, fancier, exhibitor and breeder of Turkish Angora cats, with the central focus being the promotion and continuing preservation of the breed. TAFI is a CFA affiliated, show-producing club. If you're smitten by the Turkish Angora cat, you are welcome to apply to join TAFI!

TAFI Membership Application and Instructions

TAFI Code of Ethics

TAFI Constitution

TAFI By-laws

The Turkish Angora Breed Council - Not a club, but the CFA organization who monitors and defines the Turkish Angora Breed Standard.

- Registries for Pedigreed Cats -

The Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) - Celebrating it's 100th birthday in 2006, CFA is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats!

The International Cat Association (TICA)

Fédération Internationale Féline
- An international cat federation based in Europe, extending into South America and Asia.

- Resources for Breeder-Exhibitors of Pedigreed Cats -

Cats Centerstage - Celebrate the feline in your life. Breed information & descriptions, information on cat care, behavior and nutrition, items for cats and cat lovers, forum

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Cool Genealogy Links for the Family Historian!

The Schneider-Cornelius Family History - our genealogy web site, including some of the most valuable genealogy links that I have found researching our family's history!

The World Gen Web Project
starts with people like you and me, providing information about our ancestors to the county Gen Web site. Every day people become volunteer genealogists by adding things like church records, cemetery records, obituaries, census data, tax assessments and general county information. Some of the county sites are incredible and choc full of endless information! The link above will take you to the World Gen Web page. From there you narrow your search by choosing a region, then a country, then a state, then the county or parish of interest to your research. The incredible amount of information people share through this wonderful project is truly amazing!

Cyndi's List is probably the most comprehensive site out there for genealogy links. Any web site developed for genealogy research will eventually end up on Cyndi's List!