turkish angora colors
Historically and traditionally, the Turkish Angora is typically thought of as a pure white cat. Indeed, in the early days of showing cats in Europe, owning a white Turkish Angora was even considered to be a status symbol! In the early exportation of the breed from the Ankara Zoo, maintaining the white color of the Turkish Angora was the goal of most breeders.
The white Turkish Angora cat was recognized by CFA, the Cat Fancier's Association, in 1973. The breed standard contained no color other than pure white. This continued until 1978, when CFA added colors to the Turkish Angora breed standard.
The cat pictured is one of our cats, "Tameral's Falling Water's Snowflurry". We call her Flurry. She is an "amber eyed white" (AEW) Turkish Angora. Other eye colors are "blue eyed white" (BEW), and "odd eyed white" (OEW). An OEW Turkish Angora cat typically has one blue eye and one amber eye.
Genetically, white is not a result of the color genes from the parents. White is a result of a separate gene which acts to "tell" the hair follicles to "mask" the color, thus growing white fur. What this means is that "under" the white coat of every white cat, the cat is carrying the genes for a color. White cats are typically born with a "color spot", usually on the head, that fades and disappears as the cat grows it's adult coat and sheds it's kitten coat. This color spot will tell you the color gene that the cat is carrying! Snowflurry's color spot was blue.
Below are some of the colors, colors and MORE colors, of the Turkish Angora cat for your enjoyment! The photos below have been used with the permission of their owners/breeders, and we at Zirdeli cats wish to extend our sincere thanks to Tracy & Don Goglio of Zamaray, Iris Tanner of Silverlock, Doreann Nasin of Gilles, and Sarah Sieffert of Spunky Paws catteries!
Following the photos you will find CFA's description of all of our lovely colors!

To the left is GC Zirdeli Moonshadow, a Silver Patched Mackerel Tabby female. She is silver with a mackerel tabby pattern and subtle red patches throughout her coat. Like the calico and the tortie colors, the presence of red patches is a "gender-linked" color that is only seen in females.


You've seen his picture all over this web site. This is Sherlock. He is our blue Turkish Angora with green eyes. Sherlock was shown in CFA's Premiership division during the 2004-2005 show season. Premiership is where neutered and spayed cats are shown. Sherlock achieved Best of Breed in Premiership in the Southern Region, and 4th Best of Breed in Premiership nationally. This photo of Sherlock in our "Florida room", watching the ceiling fan, also shows the inquisitive nature of the breed. It is obvious that he intends to find out exactly how that thing spins, even if he has to jump up there and investigate personally!




This is Penny Pretty. She is a littermate to Snowflurry. Her registered name is "Tameral's Potomac's Copper Penny". Her color is Tortie, which is short for tortishell, and is a combination of black and reds. Cats that are white, black and red are called Calico. Tortie and Calico color is gender-linked and is, with a very rare exception, only displayed in female cats. Often, tortie-colored cats will have a split in the color right down the center of their nose! Penny did not inherit this characteristic, but she did inherit a quirky little strawberry blonde mustache, which fits her lovably silly personality perfectly!



This is Portia. Her CFA registered name is GC Silverlock's Portia of Zirdeli. She is the first cat to bear our cattery name!
Her color is called Silver Patched Tabby and White. In this photo, she is just shy of 6 months of age. She is a very affectionate kitten, a terrific show cat, and has a very unique, outgoing, and happy temperament! She not only loves being judged at the cat shows, but she also is a winner in Feline Agility. Taking after her father Bippy, who was CFA's North Atlantic Region's Agility winner for the 2005-2006 show season, Portia ran her very first agility course in 12 seconds! For more information about Feline Agility, click here!
We at Zirdeli Cats wish to take this opportunity to thank B. Iris Tanner of Silverlock cattery for this wonderful and loving kitten! She is a blessing to us!

Zamaray's Inkblot is a beautiful black
Turkish Angora girl!

"Spots" is CFA's first red spotted tabby and white
Turkish Angora to achieve the title of Grand Champion!

Gilles' "Mitch" is a red mackerel tabby
and White Turkish Angora

Silverlock's "Sparky" is the first Turkish Angora tabby
to achieve CFA's title of Grand Champion!

"Mirage" is the first blue-cream Turkish Angora
to achieve CFA's Grand Champion title!

"Blondie" is the first cameo tabby Turkish Angora
to achieve CFA's Grand Champion title!

"Beau" is a Blue Smoke Turkish Angora


"Willi" is the first silver patched tabby Turkish Angora
to achieve CFA's Grand Champion title!

Read CFA's complete list of Turkish Angora Colors and their descriptions here