Located in the Carolinas, Zirdeli Cattery was inspired by a love for the Turkish Angora breed. Zirdeli Cats' goal is to be able to assist in the healthy safe-keeping of the breed for future generations. Raised in our home, Zirdeli cats are loved and handled several times a day. Representing their breed well, they are well-socialized, playful and happy cats who grow to become wonderful and devoted pets!

Zirdeli Cats was inspired by four Turkish Angora Cats - and one sweet and darling Manx cat. To read more about the cats that inspired Zirdeli, click here. For links to more information about Manx cats, scroll down!

The word "Zirdeli", in Turkish, means "plumb crazy", which aptly describes just one of the many faces, moods and personalities of the Turkish Angora Cat. While they appear delicate, they are inquisitive and fearless. At first glance, they are elegant, regal and graceful, yet carry within their being a mischievous, energetic, acrobatic and quite entertaining nature. They enjoy jumping to the highest perch available and believe - without a doubt - that they can even fly!

As with humans, the personality of each Turkish Angora cat varies from cat to cat. One may prefer to curl up and cuddle in you lap and snooze, while another may follow you everywhere, yet limit just how much she will allow you to mess up her perfectly groomed coat. What seems to be a constant, however, is that once they have chosen you as their human, they are devoted and faithful.

To read more about the history of the Turkish Angora cat, the Cat Fancier's Association's breed standard, or about feline healthy issues, we have web pages dedicated to these topics. You can find the links to these pages in the menu baron the left side of the page.

Are you interested in owning a Turkish Angora kitten or cat? Visit our Owning a TA web page, where you can see if we have any cats or kittens available, or you can find links to several Turkish Angora breeders.